Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Busy, busy, busy

HI All,  Sorry I have neglected you for a few days, it has been fairly hectic here.  We have been trying to get lots done before the rain arrives.  So it has been a time of potato digging; apple picking; wood storing; bed clearing ..........   Oh and in the midst of it all dealing with a quarter of a pig (sorry all those of you who find that offensive - but we need to eat), so lots of sausage making involved.  Freezers are now to capacity.

 I have made a new pickle too, it is a runner bean pickle, made with spiced, sweetened vinegar, it is supposed to be yummy with cold meat and cheese - time will tell.

 Rather a slow start today, my get up and go did not get up it seems, so we have decided to have an easier day of it today, so my other half has gone to play motorbikes (just one obsession of his - he has many) and I am here talking to you before I head for the ironing board.  Temperature here has dropped and is only managing to top 18-19 degrees, so still warm but very dull.
 Tomorrow I am off into the uni to meet my supervisor and complete my withdrawal form and then it is bye bye academia, feels strange after 8 years but I certainly feel less stressed.  I will let you know how it goes.
TaTa for now.
P. x

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Laura said...

Good luck for tomorrow, and chin up - if you're feeling better, it's definitly the right move. Want some of that runner bean pickle