Thursday, 29 September 2011

More weeding and apple picking

HI All,
Very hot again today, 27 degrees and boiled again.  Today I have been mainly continuing weeding various beds and picking apples.  We have numerous apple trees on our holding, consisting of over 80 different varieties. My other half has, what one might call an obsession with apple trees, he grafts them, grows them, trials them and makes excellent cider.  Seriously though the apples are a major part of our organic garden and this year for the first time we are actually managing to sell them commercially - yay.
Laura has asked what we are planning on concentrating on to make the holding a viable proposition.  Well largely fruit, both top fruit (i.e. apples; pears; plums) and soft fruit (raspberries; blackcurrants; redcurrants; gooseberries and strawberries) - the strawberries are mainly grown in the polytunnel and we are picking them by the end of April, so nice and early and in demand.  Also we grow a variety of veg.  No animals, at least not for commercial purposes - we have two ageing ponies whom we keep grazing for and at the moment a flock of 17 mixed breed ducks, oh and we have bantam eggs in the incubator as I write.
The thing I had forgotten about working the land was that your day is not over (as a woman) when you finaly go indoors, you then have to turn around and prepare dinner; wash up, oh and remake that bed you stripped this morning in order to wash the bed linen and get it dried in the sun.  Hey ho, looks like I had better get on with it.  So until tomorrow.



Laura said...

Sounds like a busy time... trust me the bed making and cooking isn't just as the woman... or if it was, we'd starve in this house!

Pauline said...

HI Laura, yes been busy but worth it - I think :). To be fair Richard does cook sometimes, he is just not that good at clearing up afterwards.