Thursday, 27 October 2011

Spuddling in the mud and making rain.

A wet and muddy day today.  We have got to the point in the year where the ground is now sodden and the ducks are making muddy puddles everywhere, lovely to go sliding in (accidentally of course). We have been collecting acorns; hawthorn berries and gelder rose berries for growing new trees today, so lots of picking and again spuddling around in the grass and mud - great fun.

 We have also discovered a leak in the boot of our car and cannot quite discover where it is coming from so the other half had the bright idea of him climbing in the car so that he could look at the boot whilst I made like a rain cloud with a hosepipe, I don't know who was wetter by the end of it me or the car, nevertheless we discovered where the leak was coming from and hopefully (fingers crossed) have now fixed it.  I should perhaps say that our car is an eighteen year old peugeot 309.

Well that has been my day so far, off now to finish cooking dinner and spend an evening doing ....... maybe watching a film and knitting, time will tell.

Will be back to talk to you all again on Saturday, busy day tomorrow and out tomorrow evening - will also go avisiting other blogs then too.  Bye for now. P

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A wet day and the super duper new apple peeler, corer, slicer

Well a few months ago we were complaining that we were short of water and that we really needed rain, okay, okay, so you heard our complaints but can you please turn the taps off for a while now.  Lots and lots of rain today, heavy, straight rain that soaks you to the skin in minutes.  The ponies are miserable and wet, the cat has spent the day on the sofa and the dog is refusing to step outside the door.  Neverthe less it has been a good day - why?  Because dealing with piles of apples for drying has just become quicker, our apple peeler, corer, slicer arrived in the post, so of course we had to give it a trial run.  The job usually takes me two hours to fill the dryer with apples, the new super duper machine (works a bit like a mincer - you have the great fun of turning the handle) turned the job into half an hour.  Looking forward to the next job I can use it for - hmm it is going to be very useful when preparing apples for stewing and bottling - good oh.  I will get the other half to produce a decent picture for me to post up.  Off to do some mending now, so much swearing will occur (I am rubbish with a sharp pointy thing in my hand).  Speak again soon.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Happy Days

Hi Folks,  back again. I have had the most wonderful few days with my 16month old grandson and now? Well now I am worn out.  We had some great fun, especially on Saturday when we went outside to pick up some fallen apples (yes mooorrree apples).  Seb (Sebastian) had a ride in the wheelbarrow up to the orchard in the cardboard box that I had intended to put the apples in, however, once in the orchard he decided that sitting in the box was far too much fun and the apples could go whistle.  So my son and I carefully placed the apples in the barrow around him, Seb then decided that re-arranging the apples was great fun - these apples are Bramleys and some are huge this year - we have some great photos of him using all his effort to pick them up, there is one particular one where he is actually cuddling the apple.

Once we had picked them up and transported them back we managed to persuade him to get out of the box and just sit in the barrow and then to help us put the good ones in the box.  We then delivered the smaller ones down to his grandad who was busily pressing apples for cider - another great game he discovered was helping grandad turn the handle of the press.

So as you can see great fun was had by all - later that day he also helped us to pick sloes - a prickly job as he spoon discovered but this did not deter him.

So yes a good time was had and I look forward to spending more happy hours with him as he discovers more new things to do here - especially once he is walking.  He took his first few steps whilst staying here but it is still much quicker to crawl at the moment :).

Bye for now - back to reality as of tomorrow - whatever that is - oh yes, I remember, work, walks in the autumn leaves and log fires in the evening and maybe, just maybe a few more apples.


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Family Time

HI All,  Just a very quick post to explain my absence this week.  I have my son, his partner and my 16 month old grandson staying for a few days, so time is well and truly full.  Having a great time, it never ceases to amaze me how fast my grandson is growing - almost walking now and has his shout for 'Daddy' well and truly mastered.  Talk of the devil, he has just woken from a nap, so off for now.  Speak again in a couple of days.

Monday, 17 October 2011

NO more apples PLEASE

Sorry to have been absent these last few days, it has been manic here.  Thankyou so much Laura for mentioning my blog, and thanks to those who have been over to visit and follow.   So what have I been so busy doing you ask.  Well let me see - mainly apples it seems - more picking and storing; picking up fallen apples and sorting them into those only fit for the compost heap, those fit for feeding pigs (our neighbour has several pigs and we send them up to him for them) and saving the decent ones for our use.  I have taken several pictures of my endeavours this time but have yet to master getting them up here - going to spend some time tomorrow trying to get it right.  Oh, and I spent soem time peeling, coring and slicing apples to dry in our home made drying machine (for a picture of this go to my other halfs blog Glanwili Farm) - So that was Saturday.

Sunday was our local permaculture groups apple day, we all met up at one of the members homes and set up three apple presses on the lawn (thankfully the weather was reasonably kind to us).  A washing station was set up and a chopping station.  We then split into groups and work began - first apples were washed and sorted (rotten ones discarded); then over to be chopped (this is where I spent my day); from there the apples went to the 'scratting' machine to be mashed up and then finally over to the presses to be squeezed - the juice being collected into containers.  The day was punctuated by a shared lunch (we all take an offering of food which is set up on a table and we all tuck into a veritable feast).  By the end of the day we had pressed approximately 100 gallons of juice - that's a lot of juice and a lot of apples.  We finished, tired but satisfied.  A fantastic day amongst great friends and like minded people.

Right now I never want to see another apple again - well at least not until tomorrow.

Bye for now.  :)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Chicken freedom

Well the rescue chickens have been making the most of their freedom today, well four out of the six have, two have not ventured out of the house yet.  The other four however have been appearing everywhere - field; garden; veg garden.  Our flock of ducks (17 of them)  took one look at these poor bald creatures and ran away from them.  Everytime myself or my other half appeared they walked right up to us and stood there just looking up at us.  When I was digging parsnips for dinner they arrived from nowhere and wanted to help - I think these chickens are going to be VERY friendly.  They all went to bed okay, except one, she decided that she would roost under the house (house is several feet of the ground) on a piece of wood - she had to be persuaded that it would be much safer to spend the night in doors - but you could see the look on her face and the thought bubble - "No don't put me in there and shut the door, it might never open again" - fear not little chicken doors will open again in the morning.
 All for now folks.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A little bit of quiet

Quiet day today, my other half is away all day; it is raining - not hard, more a thick drizzle that does not encourage one to work outside.  So what have I done and what am I doing?  Well, slow morning catching up on paperwork and phone calls.  A solitary lunch, followed by cleaning the bathroom (oh yes, it is that exciting today); next the fiddly job of cleaning the incubator and storing it away for future use and now I am talking to you.
 I am torn, what shall I do with my afternoon - the ironing, closely followed by making a curry for dinner or planning a new project - closely followed by making a curry for dinner?   Hmmm ........ the decisions - think it has to be planning the new project - who needs ironed clothes anyway :).  So what do you all thik I should have done - ironing - new project?
 Till tomorrow.
P.  XX