Thursday, 27 October 2011

Spuddling in the mud and making rain.

A wet and muddy day today.  We have got to the point in the year where the ground is now sodden and the ducks are making muddy puddles everywhere, lovely to go sliding in (accidentally of course). We have been collecting acorns; hawthorn berries and gelder rose berries for growing new trees today, so lots of picking and again spuddling around in the grass and mud - great fun.

 We have also discovered a leak in the boot of our car and cannot quite discover where it is coming from so the other half had the bright idea of him climbing in the car so that he could look at the boot whilst I made like a rain cloud with a hosepipe, I don't know who was wetter by the end of it me or the car, nevertheless we discovered where the leak was coming from and hopefully (fingers crossed) have now fixed it.  I should perhaps say that our car is an eighteen year old peugeot 309.

Well that has been my day so far, off now to finish cooking dinner and spend an evening doing ....... maybe watching a film and knitting, time will tell.

Will be back to talk to you all again on Saturday, busy day tomorrow and out tomorrow evening - will also go avisiting other blogs then too.  Bye for now. P


Susan Kane said...

It is almost chilly enough--finally!--here in So. California to put a fire in the hearth, and maybe even through on a brick of my few precious peat bricks.

It sounds snug in Wales, despite the leaky boot. All cars end up with them.

Laura said...

Such a great image - you making your own little raincloud!

Pauline said...

Susan - having regular fires here as the temperature has dropped, not drastically but it is damp too so not nice. Yes, car boots do have a tendancy to leak eventually I suppose, oh well.

Laura - the image must have been amusing, quite like being a raincloud, especially as the other half was on the receiving end :).