Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A little bit of quiet

Quiet day today, my other half is away all day; it is raining - not hard, more a thick drizzle that does not encourage one to work outside.  So what have I done and what am I doing?  Well, slow morning catching up on paperwork and phone calls.  A solitary lunch, followed by cleaning the bathroom (oh yes, it is that exciting today); next the fiddly job of cleaning the incubator and storing it away for future use and now I am talking to you.
 I am torn, what shall I do with my afternoon - the ironing, closely followed by making a curry for dinner or planning a new project - closely followed by making a curry for dinner?   Hmmm ........ the decisions - think it has to be planning the new project - who needs ironed clothes anyway :).  So what do you all thik I should have done - ironing - new project?
 Till tomorrow.
P.  XX


Susan Kane said...

I would go stomping about in the misty rain in my wellies and umbrella. I'd take a camera and photograph everything.
Then I would write about a few chosen captured scenes. Make up a story about one.
Bake some bread, slather it with butter, and blackcurrant jam!

Laura said...

See - I think Susan has a cunning plan there :) Tell us about the new project?!

Talli Roland said...

Yum, curry! Hope you had a great one.

Pauline said...

Susan - fantastic idea, no more idling for me. I shall remember your cunning plans.

Laura - yes your are right Susan did have a cunning plan and one I shall follow in future. New project - hmmm want to keep it close to my chest at the moment but will release it upon the world very soon.

Talli - Curry was excellent, although I say so myself :)

Thanks Guys