Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Happy Days

Hi Folks,  back again. I have had the most wonderful few days with my 16month old grandson and now? Well now I am worn out.  We had some great fun, especially on Saturday when we went outside to pick up some fallen apples (yes mooorrree apples).  Seb (Sebastian) had a ride in the wheelbarrow up to the orchard in the cardboard box that I had intended to put the apples in, however, once in the orchard he decided that sitting in the box was far too much fun and the apples could go whistle.  So my son and I carefully placed the apples in the barrow around him, Seb then decided that re-arranging the apples was great fun - these apples are Bramleys and some are huge this year - we have some great photos of him using all his effort to pick them up, there is one particular one where he is actually cuddling the apple.

Once we had picked them up and transported them back we managed to persuade him to get out of the box and just sit in the barrow and then to help us put the good ones in the box.  We then delivered the smaller ones down to his grandad who was busily pressing apples for cider - another great game he discovered was helping grandad turn the handle of the press.

So as you can see great fun was had by all - later that day he also helped us to pick sloes - a prickly job as he spoon discovered but this did not deter him.

So yes a good time was had and I look forward to spending more happy hours with him as he discovers more new things to do here - especially once he is walking.  He took his first few steps whilst staying here but it is still much quicker to crawl at the moment :).

Bye for now - back to reality as of tomorrow - whatever that is - oh yes, I remember, work, walks in the autumn leaves and log fires in the evening and maybe, just maybe a few more apples.


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Laura said...

You know you'll turn into an apple if you don't watch out! Seb sounds adorable now that he's getting bigger - and your place is such a muddy paradise for wee kiddies!