Thursday, 13 October 2011

Chicken freedom

Well the rescue chickens have been making the most of their freedom today, well four out of the six have, two have not ventured out of the house yet.  The other four however have been appearing everywhere - field; garden; veg garden.  Our flock of ducks (17 of them)  took one look at these poor bald creatures and ran away from them.  Everytime myself or my other half appeared they walked right up to us and stood there just looking up at us.  When I was digging parsnips for dinner they arrived from nowhere and wanted to help - I think these chickens are going to be VERY friendly.  They all went to bed okay, except one, she decided that she would roost under the house (house is several feet of the ground) on a piece of wood - she had to be persuaded that it would be much safer to spend the night in doors - but you could see the look on her face and the thought bubble - "No don't put me in there and shut the door, it might never open again" - fear not little chicken doors will open again in the morning.
 All for now folks.


Laura said...

Awww. Heart melting - and pics needed before they look normal again - I want to see before and after of your crazy over friendly agoraphobic / claustrophobic newbies!


Melissa Sugar said...

What a touching post to read. I just dropped by as your new blog came highly recommended over at the "pay it forward" blogfest. I will be back to read more after the blogfest.

It is nice to meet you and I am a new follower of your blog.

C D Meetens said...

Awww, sweet little things. That's so nice that you took in rescue chickens.

I'm here courtesy of Pay It Forward, and you now have another follower :).

Arlee Bird said...

Here via Laura's blog and now following. Sounds like you have an interesting pastoral life where maybe it's not so bad when you've "gone to the birds". Good luck with the blog.

Tossing It Out

Pauline said...

Laura, chickens are doing well but are very camera shy (they don't like me taking pictures of them whilst they are so naked). I will try and get some better pictures soon.

Melissa, thanks for paying a visit, I hope you return soon.

C. D. If we can give the chickens a better life for the remainder of their time then it is worth it. Thanks for visiting the blog and becoming a follower.

Arlee, Thanks for visiting and following. It is an interesting and sometimes hard life to live but I would not change it.