Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Busy ... Again

HI All,  sorry to have deserted you this last couple of days but have been fairly busy and then bushed at the end of the day. Well I wanted to get back into 'community' and Satureday did just that.  We belong to Lampeter Permaculture Group and every year we run a public apple pressing day.  We take along two or three presses and invite the local people to bring their apples along to be pressed for apple juice.  This event has grown over the last few years and this year it was very popular.  As well as pressing we offered a chance to see various varieties of apples and some help with identifying some too.  I think we had 25 - 30 different varieties on show (not bad for a small group).  That was a long day and although not physically demanding it certainly was mentally demanding, but enjoyable. Sunday was another day of apples - picking them this time, we still have quite a few to pick it seems, oh and apple and sultana chutney was made too. Monday passed in a blur and I cannot recall anything that happened - strange that.  Today, however we have taken possession of 6 rescue battery hens (our neighbours have taken a lot more), poor things don't have enough feathers between them to cover one chicken and their combs are so pale, they look like they need woolly jumpers and scarves.  We shall keep them in a very large deep litter run for a couple of days so they can settle down and then will let them out into the field to run and have some freedom.  The least we can do is make the rest of their lives as pleasant as possible.  I will try and get some photos of them over the next day or two, so you can see what I mean.  So remember these poor hens the next time you go for those cheap supermarket eggs please.  Well off now to cook some dinner.  I am off to the local WI tomorrow evening but will try and post a quick message.  Speak soon. Pauline


Laura said...

Ahhh. Rescue chickens... good for you! And tell us about the WI - can't wait to hear what it's like
Laura x

Susan Kane said...

Free range eggs are marvelous. Unless someone has eaten them, they cannot know how wonderful a 'real' egg tastes.

Pauline said...

Laura, yes rescue chickens, I think they are having quite a job to getting used to freedom. When we went to let them out this morning they were all cuddled up together in one nest box - poor things.

Susan, Hi, good to hear from you. I agree 'real' eggs are sooo much better and until you've eaten one they truly cannot understand the difference.