Thursday, 6 October 2011

Academic come down

Today I feel like I am on an academic come down, reality has hit home - no longer am I connected to the academic world - 8 years gone, finished.  HOw do I feel ?- I don't know, is the answer - relief I suppose given the state of higher education these days; especially after my visit to the department yesterday and witnessing the complete and utter chaos that is the beginning of the academic year.  Sadness as well I suppose, leaving what is a tight knit community behind me.
 ... life is to short to keep looking back, so it is onwards and upwards.  Time to organise those new projects and get back out there into the community that I live in - no children young enough for joining the community of parents at the school gates, sooooo I am going to try the village WI, I belonged several years ago, perhaps it is time to give it another go - next Wednesday evening is when they meet so my aim is to go along and see what happens.
 HOme alone tonight so am going to find a good book and park myself in front of the range to keep warm - yes it is cold enough to light it today, in fact the temperature is half that of last week, quite a drop and the wind is viscious.  See you all tomorrow.


Laura said...

Hiya - chin up - things have to end to fit in some new beginnings. By the way - there is a blogfest to introduce new bloggers to others next week - mind if I put you up? It'll mean you hopping around and reciprocating some hits that I send your way... but should get you some more readers
BTW good luck with the WI!

Pauline said...

Thanks, I will be fine, as you say new beginnings. Yes, please do put me up there and I will follow any hits up. Thanks for your help. Re: WI - time will tell :)
Speak soon.


Susan Kane said...

I do love Wales. There is a wildness that it has. Enjoy this new phase of your life. I was a teacher for 20 years, raising children of my own, and seeing the years pass. Now I am retired, have 2 granddaughters, and write to my heart's content.

Pauline said...

Susan - Wales is beautiful, with its' rugged coastlines, hills and 'wildness', there are some really remote areas around here that have breath taking views. I would not want to live anywhere else.
I am beginning to enjoy this phase of my life, that feeling of freedom and peace. I have several writing projects in mind but am giving myself time and space to leave the 'academic' style behind.